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Pursuing higher education is every student’s dream. But when the children finish their high school education, suddenly they are faced with confusion about what degree to pursue. Higher education choices should ideally stem out of identification of their personal area of interest/ inquisitiveness. There are courses aplenty, but they wish to understand the future potential of these degrees where they can find avenues to make a living. The choices available to them at their outreach and scope of such choices become the key deciding points. The present scenario of employment opportunities shows a bleak future for the young graduates with no forward thinking.

The modern education around the world is changing fast. Mere graduate degree does not suffice the needs of the society. There are demands to incorporate certain proficiencies in the education to suit the demands of the employment. Graduates need to be relevant and up-to-date in the dynamic world of employment.

Keeping these aspects in mind, IMJ Institute of Science and Commerce was conceptualized by the pioneers in technical education in the Kundapura Taluk, the widely respected trust- MNBS TRUST, providing specialized courses in commerce and science.


To be a center for higher learning & research opening avenues for new learning and new competencies, preparing young minds to become ethically and morally responsible citizens to serve the society and nation.


  • To make education par excellence, in the fields of Science and Commerce, duly accessible to students of all strata.
  • To strive to enrich the educational experience of our students and equip them with all essentials to succeed in a rapidly changing world.
  • To empower the youth through quality education and training to equip them with necessary tools of becoming independent entrepreneurs, by providing guidance, value education and management skills.


IMJ Institute of Science & Commerce is built on strong pillars of Values reflecting its true commitment to impart holistic education with strong ethical values to become a role model reflecting the true vision of our founders. The Values we stand for and strictly adhere to are




Self- Reliance







IMJ Institute of Science & Commerce has set itself up the task to lead the way in teaching its students how to find their own meaning and purpose in life. It believes that the Institution is responsible for more than just about giving a degree but educates the students about self-development, positive approach to life and develops competence through their personal skills.

IMJ Institute of Science & Commerce believes that teaching and learning should always be relevant – whether it’s related to the degree or extra-curricular activities or providing work-integrated learning opportunities and training students extensively thereby aligning them to the future world.

IMJ Institute of Science & Commerce supports the students in gaining business as well as industry insights, understand work place culture, and develop competitive skills like leadership & communications to become employable after their completion of their graduation.